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We use a fixation that results in micromovement-free power transmission and also offers favorable conditions for accurate sampling. It superimposes powers deep inside the implant.

Rounded implant end

It facilitates minor direction changes when inserting the implant.

Bone Level

The chances of implant survival are significantly improved by inserting the upper edge of the implant at the cortical level or below.


Platform switching

The diameter of the abutment is smaller than the outer part of the implant which is connected to the bone. The bone can crawl on to the upper edge of the implant.

Anatomical tooth root form

The implant screw thread has a bone compacting effect due to its conicity, high tread pitch and depth, self-closing and self-tapping shape. With enough caution, the implant can be loaded immediately.

Spirally microstriated surface

The microstriated spiral surface functions as an important weight bearing element. The self-closing thread structure and the cycloid cord thread ensure a micromotor-free condition and fast inserting..